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Benefits of ITT engagement at Beckfoot Oakbank 


Beckfoot Oakbank, situated in Keighley, has devised a highly effective strategy to tackle the issue of securing high-quality teachers, particularly in subjects facing shortages such as maths, sciences and languages.  This case study delves into their engagement with initial teacher training (ITT) and the benefits it has yielded. 

Read the case study here: ITT at Beckfoot Oakbank

Adam – Business ITT 

Adam spent a year working in the pastoral team at Beckfoot Oakbank before starting to train to teach in September 2023. Oakbank is his main placement school all year and he has secured an ECT role to start in July 2024.  

Being on placement in a school such as Beckfoot Oakbank has had its challenges. These challenges have made me realise how rewarding it is to work with students and families within this demographic and has helped support my decision to work there. 

At Beckfoot Oakbank, trainees are inspired by the impact great teachers have on the life chances, progress and outcomes of pupils New ECTs to the school benefit from their shared training history and a supportive network moving forward in their careers.   

Tom - English ITT 

Tom started his placement in September 2023 and was recruited in October as his potential was clear to see: 

From the first moment on placement, any trepidation was instantly assuaged. The ITT coordinator met me and made me feel incredibly welcome, she then introduced me to my mentor who was to oversee my development over the course of my placement.  

A fear I had before starting (which I know is shared by many other trainees) was 'imposter syndrome', again however, this feeling disappeared when I met the rest of the English department, from the first lesson I taught, I was treated like a colleague, a trusted and valued member of the team whose opinions and insights were listened to and considered alongside subject experts who had worked in the school for many years. My mentor willingly shared her vast expertise in the subject and teaching in general. She was also always on hand to lend an ear and a friendly word when things got tough. 

Considering all this, when I was encouraged to interview for a position in the English department I jumped at the opportunity. I was lucky enough to be offered the job and didn't hesitate to tell the headteacher that I would gladly accept her offer.  

I am delighted to be beginning my teaching career in a school that is such a fertile environment for development, I have felt supported at every juncture and know that that will continue into my ECT years and my future career beyond. 

Experienced teachers have the opportunity to develop their careers through mentoring, whilst also investing in their potential future team Beckfoot Trust works with providers who have mentors’ well-being and workload in mind. 

We welcome and support the ITT students to Beckfoot Oakbank and ensure that they have everything they need for a positive start to their teaching career. They receive the highest quality of mentoring from our more experienced teachers, who are keen to share their experience and knowledge as well as learn from the ITTs themselves, who bring new ideas and positivity to each department. We have been so lucky over the recent years to have recruited the ITTs who have trained within the Trust and who are now part of the community at Beckfoot Oakbank. 

Patricia Hemsley (Beckfoot Oakbank ITT Lead) 

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