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ITaPs - what they are and how to get involved

What is Intensive Training and Practice? (ITAPs)

Another way that schools can get involved in ITT is through supporting Intensive Training and Practice.

Intensive Training and Practice is not part of the ITT placement, although placement schools may wish to support Intensive Training and Practice too. Other schools can also be involved in supporting Intensive Training and Practice.

Intensive Training and Practice is a new element that must be incorporated into all ITT courses leading to QTS from September 2024.

Intensive Training and Practice will intensively focus on analysing evidence of pivotal aspects of teaching, putting this into practice immediately, and receiving immediate focused feedback on this practice.

It is not the responsibility of schools to design and deliver the Intensive Training and Practice; 

this is a course requirement fulfilled by the accredited ITT provider, who will be able to discuss this element with you in more detail.

The trainee will receive 4 weeks of Intensive Training and Practice over their ITT course

(this is 6 weeks for undergraduate ITT courses). This may be split in to 1-week blocks and only some of this time will be spent in school for structured observation and deconstruction of expert practice, rehearsal and live practice, followed by immediate structure feedback.

Intensive Training and Practice topics will be pivotal or foundational elements of classroom practice

that all teachers need, irrespective of context.

For example, behaviour management as a topic would be too broad, but a focus on how setting classroom routines can support behaviour management would be appropriate.

How can schools support Intensive Training and Practice?

  • Intensive Training and Practice is not part of the school placement but an additional element of the provider's ITT curriculum. 

  • A typical Intensive Training and Practice block will include expert input, observation, opportunities to practice in both a controlled and live environment, and expert feedback throughout this process. Some elements of Intensive Training and Practice will take place in the ITT institution, or virtually, and some will need to take place in a school environment, such as the live classroom practice.

  • Many schools will be well placed to welcome individual or groups of trainees, to allow them to observe strong practice in the area being examined and give them the opportunity of live classroom practice. 

  • Intensive Training and Practice will be supported by an appropriate range of experts, which can include lead mentors from the ITT provider and other experts within the school. 


What is your school an expert in?

Could you use this expertise to support an Intensive Training and Practice? If you would like to be involved, please contact your local TSH.

If you would like to be involved, please contact us at or contact one of the district's ITT providers or partnerships

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