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As part of their ITT course, every trainee teacher must get experience teaching in at least two schools and receive clear and consistent mentoring during each placement.

Trainee teachers need a variety of experience in schools to enable them to meet all the Teachers’ Standards. They need to teach children and young people in their specified age range, from different backgrounds, as well as gaining experience of different approaches to teaching and to school organisation and management.

This breadth of experience is designed to equip trainee teachers with the skills they need to successfully enter the teaching workforce, and to become an asset to the schools they teach in.

Training session (4)Trainees are assessed against the Teachers’ Standards at the end of their course.
Trainees who demonstrate all the standards at the appropriate level are recommended for QTS.

ITT is intended to support and benefit everyone

What does hosting a placement involve?

Screenshot 2024-01-30 161137 what schools provide trainee teachers with

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