BDAT_copyright (8)Why teach in Bradford? 

Bradford is an excellent place to embark on your teaching career due to its vibrant and diverse community that offers a unique and enriching experience. 

The city's schools provide a dynamic environment, fostering inclusivity and cultural understanding. Training in Bradford will support you to develop versatile and adaptable teaching methods, catering to the diverse needs of students from various backgrounds. 

Bradford's rich history and cultural heritage contribute to a unique learning atmosphere that encourages creativity and innovation in the classroom. Aspiring teachers in Bradford can expect a supportive community, a wealth of resources, and the chance to make a meaningful impact on the lives of students while honing their teaching skills in a setting that values diversity and inclusion.

Five reasons to teach in Bradford


Demand for good quality teachers is high.

We are the youngest city in England – almost a third of people living in Bradford are under 20 – so education is key to our future.


You’ll get experience of working with different people and cultures in one of the most diverse cities in the UK.

About half of our school students are from black, Asian or minority ethnic communities.


You’ll find school leaders on a mission to deliver the best education possible to create life chances for young people.

We have one of the first research schools in the country and strong multi-academy trusts, offering exciting career opportunities.


You will change lives here.

About a quarter of our children are classified as living in poverty. If you believe that opportunity should never be limited by a child’s family income, then we need your passion and your skills in Bradford.


We’re a growing, ambitious city with an entrepreneurial spirit and a trend of educational improvement.

Be part of our success story.

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