For Teacher Training

We offer a range of training options if you want to become a teacher in Bradford.  

How To Apply for Teacher Training

You apply for all teacher training courses in Bradford through the UCAS website.

Simply head for the UCAS webpage and enter the name of your preferred training provider to find out what courses they are offering. There is a list of all Bradford providers in this section of our website, including their UCAS reference numbers, in case you need it.

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The UCAS site includes full instructions on how to complete the application process. To begin, you must register with UCAS. 

Register with UCAS

You can choose from school-led training programmes which offer hands-on training in a Bradford school from the start; or university and college-led training programmes which also include at least 24 weeks in placement schools during your course.

  • School Centred ITT Programmes
  • School Direct Programmes
  • University/College Led Programmes

Getting More Information

There is lots of information to help you choose a training course.

Teaching Get Into Teaching is the official government website for teacher training.  You can find information about programmes, options for financial support and details of how to apply.
UCAS UCAS provides general information about entry requirements for teacher training courses as well as a directory of all courses. You apply through UCAS for teacher training programmes.
Prospects Prospects is the UK's biggest graduate careers website, owned by a registered charity. It offers information on teacher training (as well as other careers).