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Finding your first role

Each year, Bradford schools employ about 500 newly qualified teachers - about 200 in secondary schools and around 300 in primary schools - so there are lots of opportunities to join us if you are looking for your first job.  

Jobs are advertised on schools' own websites, on our site here, on the "Prospects" jobs board, on the Government school teaching jobs website and often on national recruitment websites like the TES Online.

How should you choose where to apply?  These are our three top tips.

Make a conscious choice about the type of school that you want to target. 

Do you want to be in the heart of the city or in a more rural setting? What kind of school community do you want to join? Do you want to teach in schools where a high proportion of students come from disadvantaged backgrounds, where you could make greatest difference? Do you want a school that is part of a wider group of schools, such as a multi-academy trust? The important thing is to find a school that chimes with your values and ethos.  If you do, you are more likely to be convincing in your application and interview, and employers will recognise the fit. You can find a full listing of all Bradford's secondary and special schools on this site, with links to their websites. 

Check out what support is on offer to NQTs.  

The most important goal of your first job is to complete your induction. Bradford schools have already introduced the Early Career Framework (ECF) to support new teachers - a year a head of most other schools in England - so they are well placed to meet your development needs in your first job. If you can, visit the school before applying and ask about NQT support in the light of the new ECF arrangements (as well as getting a feel for the school in general).

Find a first job that will help you secure your second and third jobs. 

We know that most NQTs are looking for a first job to get started, but if you make a good choice with your initial post, it could help you springboard into your second and third roles more quickly.  So think about where you might like to be in 3-5 years.  How will your first job help you progress?  Will it give you experience of working in the types of environment that interest you most? Are there likely to be career progression opportunities within the school - or any of its partner schools?

Once you have decided on your job targets, spend time working on your application to make it personal and targeted specifically on the school to which you are applying.

We asked Bradford school leaders what they look for in job applications and what makes a good interview. Watch our videos below to find out what they say...