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Applying for your first job

If you are poised to fill in the application form for your first teaching job in Bradford, we can offer you some help.

We asked school leaders in Bradford what they look for when they read applications from Newly Qualified Teachers.  This is what they told us.

  • Do your research and make your application relevant to the school. It should feel like an application that has been written for that school in particular, not just any school. There are lots of ways to do that. If you have visited the school, make some reference to what you saw. Read the latest Ofsted and use the information to tailor what you write in your application. Show that you have researched the school's location and community, and say why you would enjoy working there.

  • Offer some evidence that you are able to make an impact. Use an example from your placements, or from your wider experience, to show that you understand the importance of impact.  It does not have to be a large scale example. In the classroom, how did you make a difference for individual students?  How did you know? How did you measure it?

  • Show that your values are in line with the school.  What is it about the school's mission and ethos that attracted you to apply? Is there something distinctive about the school's curriculum offer and/or pedagogical approach that attracts you? Is it something about the school's community?  Show your commitment to the school's values and how you might contribute towards them.  Most of all, show a commitment to learning and children and young people in your application! 

    Many job interviews are taking place remotely because of Covid restrictions. We liked the advice in this TES article for how to prepare and shine in an online interview.

    We asked Bradford school leaders what they look for in job applications and what makes a good interview. Watch our videos below to find out what they say...