For Leaders

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As a city we are committed to evidence-informed practice in all our schools.  We want every teacher in Bradford schools to have access to the latest knowledge in teaching and learning.

In 2018/19, opportunities for professional development will be available through a co-ordinated offer supported by the Opportunity Area plan. With input from our Research School, this will include:

  • ‘Master classes’, covering evidence based practice in education, focusing on Bradford’s specific demographic and cultural characteristics.

  • Networks for current and future leaders to share best practice, provide peer support, and help address some of the more systematic leadership issues.

  • A collaborative approach to deploying and growing the best teachers including secondments between schools to spread effective practice and aid individual’s development, as well as provide short to medium term capacity to weaker schools, and access to training, mentoring and advice on career development.

Our ambition is to become a Research City. Find out more here.