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More Applications to City’s Teaching Jobs

Published in August, Bradford for Teaching’s annual evaluation report reviews the key workforce trends across the city in 2019/20 and the impact of work to highlight opportunities in the city to train and build a career in education.

The report reveals that:

  • the proportion of temporarily filled and vacant teaching posts in Bradford fell for the second year in a row in 2019, the first time there has been a year on year fall in vacant posts for over a decade. Bradford for Teaching began its work in 2017.
  • an anonymised sample of Bradford schools reported a marked increase in the number of applications per advertised teaching post in 2020, over 2019 - including in so-called “shortage” subjects like maths and science.  Jobs in the city appear to have become more popular.

The report also warns of the continuing challenge ahead to recruit and retain high quality teachers. “Historically, the number of secondary teachers in England is falling just as the number of pupils is rising,” says the report. “In Bradford the gap between supply and demand has been widening since 2016/17.”

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