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DfE and British Council grant funding for secondary schools

A new International  Schools Exchange Programme has been launched by the Department for Education to enrich school curriculums and give students an international experience. This programme is backed by £2.5m of government funding. It aims for equity and inclusion for ALL young people age 11-19 (from Year 7 up), who attend a secondary school or college in England to benefit. Priority will be given particularly to those who are disadvantaged, and schools in Opportunity Areas will also be prioritised.

Your school can bid for up to £10,000 for trips to Europe, or £15,000 for trips further afield, plus costs for administration, preparation visits and exceptional costs to cover special needs. Trips need to take place by end of Easter holidays 2020.

If you don’t have a partnership with a school abroad yet, the British Council can help you set one up. 

You can get more information by contacting, or by visiting

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