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Film shines a light on lockdown teaching in Bradford

In our specially-commissioned film, real Bradford teachers talk about everything from the challenges of engaging children in home learning to the pride of being seen as key members of the community.

Peter Addison-Child, Project Manager for Bradford for Teaching said: “We wanted to capture what it had felt like to be a teacher during the last year. It’s been a terrible time for the city and the country, but we knew there were some really powerful stories of resilience and ‘pulling together’ that had happened too – and we wanted to shine a light on those. 

“When the lockdowns came down, schools never closed their doors to the most vulnerable children and teachers became even more important in reaching out to children in their own homes.  Schools become even more relevant to their communities, supporting families with a whole range of needs. This film recognises and celebrates that.

“Most of all though, we made the film because we want more people to train and to teach in Bradford. The world has changed what society sees as important as a result of the pandemic and there is new understanding of the contributions that key workers such as teachers make.  For people that want to make a difference in their community, there are few better ways to do that than teaching.”

Watch our film and be inspired...