About us

We love Bradford - its energy, diversity and enterprise. And we’re inspired by its young people - by their drive, imagination and creativity.

If you join us to train, teach and build your career in Bradford, we think you’ll be inspired by our city and its young people too. Along the way, you’ll change lives and shape a city. That’s something worth doing.

That’s why, as Bradford school leaders, we’ve come together to share what we feel about our city through Bradford for Teaching.

Our core purpose is simple:

We want Bradford to be the first choice career destination for talented individuals who want to train or build a career as a teacher.

Our activities are shaped in consultation with headteachers and leaders of education in our city, and delivered by teaching schools with funding provided by the DfE Opportunity Area.

Bradford for Teaching is co-ordinated by Northern Lights Teaching School Alliance, as lead partner for Bradford schools.
Kate Walter, Project Director: Director, Northern Lights TSA
Peter Addison-Child, Project Manager: The Specialists
Annie Backhouse-Cook, Creative Director:  The Specialists

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